Shrine's Legacy - A SNES-styled 2D Co-op Action RPG

Created by Positive Concept Games

A co-op (or single player) action RPG. Follow two heroes as they battle through dungeons, puzzles, and bosses to reunite the elements!

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Shrine's Chronicle #3: Cutscene progress and an announcement!
28 days ago – Fri, Apr 29, 2022 at 05:40:49 PM

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Shrine's Chronicle #2: Things are slowly coming to life!
about 2 months ago – Fri, Apr 01, 2022 at 04:02:27 PM

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Shrine's Chronicle #1 : First Monthly Backers-only Update!
3 months ago – Thu, Mar 03, 2022 at 06:52:07 AM

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Survey Progress, Demo Release on Steam and More
4 months ago – Fri, Jan 28, 2022 at 02:05:03 AM

Hey everyone! Hope the start of your new year has gone well, and hopefully we can look forward to a better 2022 than 2021. 🥂


Unfortunately, as we anticipated we didn't end up going to MAGFest due to the state of COVID-19 at the time, but if anybody reading this went, we hope you had a good time! We are still in good terms with the organizers, so we're hoping that next year we can make it. 

Backerkit Surveys Progress

Thanks for your cooperation in filling out Backerkit surveys! So far 89% of backers have completed their Backerkit surveys. If you haven't completed yours yet, you should have received an email from Backerkit linking to your survey. It should generally only take about 5 minutes to finish and doing so will help us with reward fulfillment.

Shrine's Legacy Demo now officially on Steam

With most of the red tape stuff dealt with for now, we've gotten back into proper development of Shrine's Legacy. We decided to start by getting a proper version of Shrine's Legacy on Steam that anyone can download without having to be subscribed to our mailing list.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are going to have to deactivate the Steam demo builds that come with the mailing list, as they conflict with the new demo version on Steam. I.e. It seems that the new demo won't download while the mailing list version of the demo is in your library, so expect that to happen tomorrow. Sorry if there's any inconvenience! The old DRM-free versions of the demo will still work, though!

You can download the v1.6 demo on Steam for free here!

Shrine's Legacy on Steam

What this means is that if you or someone you know was wanting to play the demo, it's now easier than ever to try the demo. It won't be required to sign up to our mailing list anymore. We'll still use the email list to offer some occasional unique content such as some new letters in the future though, so there will still be purpose to the mailing list. 😉

This new version on Steam also comes with a few updates / adjustments (mostly bug fixes and improvements to the presentation of Co-op mode). You can check the full patch notes via the above linked Steam page, they should be live within an hour of this Backer Update being sent.

Backer Design Rewards

We've begun reaching out to the Producer tiers for their design rewards, which includes a couple dungeon and boss designs! We're very excited to work with backers to make some very cool stuff! Next up we'll be reaching out to Enemy and NPC design backers, so if that's you then expect to hear from us within the coming month or so!

If you've donated for a message in a book or a Spirit in the Uncharted Lands, we'll be reaching out to you a little later, once the game is more fleshed out. However, if you already know exactly what message you want, feel free to let us know via any of the avenues of contact you have with us (Kickstarter message, email, Discord, etc).

Additionally, all design reward tiers include Beta access, so if you'd like to wait until you've played a beta version of the game to choose your NPC's or messages, you are welcome to. If you are designing an enemy in particular, we might require a little earlier notice since they can be somewhat integral to the gameplay. But we'll contact you and we can give you info and feedback to help you with your design as needed!

Next Steps

Now that we've finished preparing the demo for its official Steam release, our next goal will be building out the bones of the world. Getting to where you can play through the whole game and beat it. It won't be "fleshed" out at first, just a skeleton. But it'll be something. Working this way ensures that no matter what happens we'll be able to present the full narrative of Shrine's Legacy when it's time to launch. 

We plan to be working in "waves" so the first wave which we are working on next is the basic skeleton. These waves are subject to change as we actually go about development but consider it an outline of the general process we plan to be taking. We also haven't totally decided exactly how much time each of these waves is being dedicated yet, but the goal is to start polishing by early to mid 2023 so we can send out a solid beta test build to all backers around that time for proper testing and feedback.

Some things, such as art, boss fights and music, won't necessarily be dedicated to any particular wave but will instead be created as it makes the most sense to timing-wise.

Below you can see the current planned Roadmap leading up to the launch of Shrine's Legacy:


Wave I - Basic Skeleton: All rooms which contain any cutscenes or major battles will exist in at least a basic form. All major cutscenes will exist and play out, but with only the text in its most basic form and the characters standing still.

Wave II - Room Skeleton: All base planned rooms (regardless of whether they contain a cutscene) will exist in a basic form, with connections on the correct sides holding them together with the rooms around them. The world will be properly connected with itself in full.

Wave III - Fleshing: One at a time, we plan to go to each major area and start finalizing tile sets, room layouts and designs, and getting the ideas for the puzzles and monsters which will be included. Where appropriate, some monsters and puzzles might be placed and finished. Rooms will look much more fleshed out at this time. For places like towns, NPC's will be placed and may or may not have text finished for them. There's a good chance this wave will take the longest to create compared to the others.

Wave IV - Veins: Puzzles and enemies and any other details that were missing will be properly created and placed as needed throughout each of the areas, one area at a time.

Wave V - Blood: Cutscenes will be properly scripted and player/npc movement and dialogue in those scenes will be structurally finalized. Additionally, during this time any NPC's which were missing dialogue or optional scenes which needed to be created will be created. In some ways Wave IV and V might be somewhat interchangeable depending on what feels best to develop in practice.

Wave VI - Polishing: Going through the game and testing, cleaning up anything that needs work. This wave is to make sure that all the game's individual parts feel good and work well together. If anything is sticking out poorly or not working, it'll either get fixed or removed during this stage.

Wave VII - Preparation: Preparing for the launch of the game. This includes a lot of marketing and hype building, and final testing and fixes in the meantime. Also probably a billion more things. This part will be very tough.

Wave VIII - Release: The game launch itself and all related activities to that.

Wave IX - Post Release: Doing any post-release content that we decide to do. Sorry, no spoilers on that for now since it's so far away! 😜 This also includes post-release updates, bug fixes, potential localization work, and more. AND it also includes porting to possible consoles as soon as we can do so, with priority given to Nintendo Switch.


That's all for now. Thanks again for being a part of this journey with us while we try to make this game a reality. Starting next month, there's a good chance we're going to start doing the monthly Backer-only progress updates, so look forward to that. 😊

Thanks for reading, and until next time,


Backerkit Surveys for Shrine's Legacy Incoming!
5 months ago – Thu, Dec 23, 2021 at 08:48:55 PM

Phew! It's hard to believe it's been over a month since the campaign ended. It's a been a little while since our last Backer update so we have quite a bit to catch up on!

BackerKit and Preorder Store

We are using a service called BackerKit to help us with three major things:

1. Getting info to help with reward fulfillment

2. Last chance for backers to add certain reward add-ons

3. Allowing late backing in the form of the pre-order store

We've finally finished preparing the Backerkit and just sent out a Smoke Test. What this means is that 5% of backers will get their surveys slightly early as a test run. If all is well after the smoke test, we'll send out the rest of the surveys! So, everyone should be receiving their surveys in the coming days.

Pre-order Store now open!

If you are someone who missed the campaign but still wants to support development, we've now opened a "Preorder Store" for late backing through BackerKit!

Click the link below to check it out:

Shrine's Legacy Preorder Store 

What we've been up to

Taking a break, preparing for conventions, setting up Backerkit, dealing with taxes, and dealing with personal life issues has taken up a lot of time. While there's still some red tape stuff to get done, it's finally almost time to get back into the full swing of things!

Pwr^gg Convention

We just went to Pwr^gg, the small convention in South Bend Indiana this last weekend! It was our first time at a convention, and we had a lot of fun. Alan even took pictures, here's a few of our favorite ones!

Our booth (gamedevs got two tables!)
There were a lot of cool views at the Convention Center!
Kulebra and the Souls of Limbo had a really cool booth and game too!

In total there were 4 gamedevs (including us) with a booth and many vendors there! You should go ahead and check out the other devs if you get the chance. Here are links to their Twitters:

Kulebra and the Souls of Limbo : As our neighbor booth, we got to chat with them quite a bit. Two cool brothers making a cozy and professional-looking puzzle adventure game!

Hex of the Lich : A roguelite meets turn-based strategy game about synergy and hex-based strategy!

Bunhouse : Bunnies + greenhouse = maximum cute, and 4 player couch co-op is the icing on the cake! It's also cool that his game is actually released right now on Steam.

While he was just visiting and didn't have a booth today, we also got to meet Tiny Warrior Games!

Regarding showing off Shrine's Legacy, it was very cool getting to see lots of different people playing the game in person. We also got to see how the game plays when you start straight away from the first dungeon, when the demo normally starts at the beginning of the game. 

Our booth stayed decently busy despite the convention being on the smaller side. And everyone who tried the demo seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves. Most people even got through the first dungeon's boss before moving on to other booths which was really neat to see. If you got to play the game at our booth and are reading this now, thanks so much for checking out the game! 💖


Despite how much fun Pwr^gg was, due to the current state of Covid, there's a chance we won't be going to MAGFest in early January. It is a shame because we still would really love to go to meet lots of cool folks and represent Shrine's Legacy to a big audience, but safety is more important. It's not set in stone yet though, we will release an official statement via a mini-Kickstarter update when we have decided for certain, probably shortly after Christmas.

⛄❄ Happy Holidays! ❄⛄

Before we go, we wanted to wish everyone Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, whatever you celebrate. And well, just have a good week in general. 😀

Be well and stay safe! Expect more info soon as we begin building out the rest of the skeleton of the world of Ardemia! And with that, I bid you adieu (for now)!

Until next time,